Our Team

Ryan Trificana

Ryan is a GMB certified trainer and his teaching has influenced by many movement disciplines. He has been a student of martial arts, yoga, and gymnastics. He has played competitive sports, excelling at hockey and running in particular. He views movement as a means of connecting the mind and body as well as to the world around us. You can expect traditional forms of exercise in Ryan's class as well as bizarre patterns that look like really bad breakdancing or animal impersonations. 

Stephanie Webb

Stephanie is certified in Functional Range Conditioning, Buti Yoga, and Yoga Sculpt, and she is trained in Floor Flow©, and pole dance instruction. She has taught many different classes, including boot camp, HIIT, yoga, mobility, flexibility, hand balancing, recovery, conditioning, and loves to work one-on-one for mobility needs. She believes that movement connects people, and she has a proclivity for professing in class with educational monologues about why you are doing what you are doing.

Breigh Wareiczuk​

Bree spent many years as a weightlifter and barbell enthusiast. She is a competitive dancer turned fighter. Bree is certified under Ace as a group fitness instructor. She likes to train people with high intensity movements to improve their strength and agility. She has trained with many different athletes and tried numerous styles of workouts throughout her fitness voyage. She incorporates everything she has learned into her teaching and always brings her A-game to challenge and inspire students. 

Seth Richmond

Seth is a personal trainer and a specialist in body-weight training. He is FRC and Kinstretch certified, and he brings these skills to GenFit's Mobility classes, which encourage a balance between strength and flexibility. He spends most of his time training and coaching at Awaken in Denver, CO. He's a competitive Spikeball athlete - yes, we have Spikeball at GenFit - and he is interested in all realms of human movement.

Cory Jagger

Cory has been in the fitness industry for about 12 years. He ran elite strength and conditioning in Durango Colorado for two years and was the strength coach and running backs coach at Durango High School. When he moved to Denver, he started teaching at Genesis Fitness, before it was GenFit. He curretly owns a gym in south Denver, and trains as a muay thai fighter. Students can expect a different workout every time when in his class.

Michele Cooper

You name the sport, Michelle played it. Gym culture, sports and staying fit were staples of her life from a very young age.  She decided to expand her career as a psychotherapist to include the physical component of health and exercise and was certified as a personal trainer through NASM. She believes that when we feel strong in our body, we feel more confident in life. It's not just about the workout, it's about personal growth, pushing past perceived limits with an awesome community.


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